41. Forgive others and move on

Last week we saw how Absalom killed his half-brother Amnon for raping his sister, Tamar. Absalom harbored hatred and revenge for two years in his heart and when the time came he unleashed his hatred and had Amnon killed. Then Absalom had to flee to Geshur and had to live there for three years. This whole debacle caused a lot of heartache and pain, for Absalom himself, for David and all his sons and household. Hatred and revenge never pays. We learned that we have to let go of it and rather fill ourselves with God's love. That doesn't make what they did to us right, but it does free us to walk in God's grace and love. He will handle them.

So Absalom fled to Geshur as we saw last week. He stayed there for three years. In the meantime David really missed him. Joab, David's commander noticed it, and through a plan devised by him, he persuaded David to bring Absalom back to Jerusalem. So Joab sent for Absalom and brought him back. But David still didn't want to see him:

"And the king said, "Let him return to his house, but do not let him see my face." So Absalom returned to his house, but did not see the king's face."2 Samuel 14:24

This sad state of affairs went on for two years. Absalom became despondent, he couldn't understand why he could come back, but his father didn't want to see him. He summoned Joab and Joab in turn spoke to David. David relented and welcomed Absalom:

"… Absalom came to the king and bowed himself on his face to the ground before the king. Then the king kissed him." 2 Samuel 14:33

David took two years to see his son Absalom and to be reconciled with him. The Bible doesn't tell us the reason specifically, but if we read between the lines, David battled to forgive Absalom for what he had done. This period of two years made Absalom bitter as we will see later on. This spurred him on to come in rebellion against David. This period of waiting came with a cost to David and even more heartache and pain.

As we read this account of what had happened we cannot help but see ourselves in it. We also harbor long periods of resentment or unforgiveness towards someone. We cannot get ourselves so far as to contact them and sort it out. It is so important that we do that. Those periods where we do not forgive and do not want to reconcile, can cost us in the end. It can magnify the heartache and pain. That is not what God wants for us. Jesus forgave those who crucified Him even whilst hanging on the cross. He certainly didn't waste a second in forgiving them. And we need to do the same. The only one we are really hurting is ourselves and God wants us free from all heartache and pain. Jesus came to set us free, we shouldn't inflict more pain on ourselves. Then we are just like wayward sheep, not listening to the Shepherd, running towards the cliffs. And when we fall off and get hurt, we blame Him and ask Him why He allowed this to happen to us. And all the while we were running away from His loving arms. Stop doing that today. Follow His voice calling you, follow Him every step of the way, forgiving all that have hurt you in the process. Do not waste another moment.

Father, thank you that all our sins have been forgiven at the cross. Thank you that Jesus has set the example for us. David didn't have His example to follow, but we do. Thank you for that and please help us to follow You in all that we do and to forgive all those who have wronged us. We can only do it with Your help. Thank you that we can know that You are always there for us. Amen

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    Your prayer at the end is very relevant for me at this time. Thank you

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